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New Situational Awareness Program

The Situational Awareness on the Fireground program address perhaps the most important aspect of fire fighting: knowing what problem you are actually dealing with.  The program consists of a 45-minute video presentation and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Covered topics include: recognition-primed decision making, how stress affects problem recognition, how easy it is to make the wrong assessment, and techniques for improving situational awareness and decision making on the fireground.  The program is ideal as an introduction to the topic or as an in-service review.  The presenter is Battalion Chief Scott Majors of the Hillsboro, OR fire department, who brings over 35 years of experience and  success to the presentation.  Chief Magers starts by asking, “What’s your problem?”  Then, drawing on his years of experience, demonstrates just how easy it is to mis-diagnose the problem you actually have on your fireground.  With his passion for the subject showing at every minute, Chief Magers talks about the factors affecting your ability to correctly answer that fundamental question, and provides ways for command officers and fire fighters alike to make sure they correctly answer it.