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New Starting a Fire Chaplain Program

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s (FSF) newest training program is now available.  “Our Starting a Fire Chaplain program address all the questions that public safety management and line personnel have about starting a chaplain program,” says FSF President David Kenik,  “While this program talks the chaplains in the fire service, it really talks to the issues of starting a chaplain program in any public safety organization, including police, EMS, and so on”.

The program consists of a 30-minute video presentation and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.  The presenter is Chaplain Steve Brodehl of the Hillsboro, Oregon fire and police agencies.  Chaplain Brodehl is a national figure in the chaplain community.

Covered topics include: what a chaplain does, how the chaplain serves both agency personnel and citizens, how to choose a chaplain, and more, and it addresses head-on the issue of religion, all in Chaplain Brodehl’s lively and engaging manner.

“We were motivated to produce this program when we realized that no agency we knew of  had discontinued a qualified chaplain program, and several fire fighters enthusiastically told us that their chaplains were immense assets to their agencies,” says Kenik.