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New Rapid Intervention Team CPR training program

The Rapid Intervention Team CPR  program address the problem of getting CPR started and sustained on a downed firefighter as fast as humanly possible.

When a firefighter is down and not breathing it is vital to perform uninterrupted CPR and to get the downed firefighter out of their turnout gear as quickly as possible.  This program demonstrates a technique that allows for uninterrupted CPR and quick removal of the turnout gear.  It explains the importance of uninterrupted CPR and the quick removal of the turnout gear.  The program then demonstrates, step by step, the method to perform this technique while explaining in detail how each step is completed.  Once the technique is explained and demonstrated slowly the program demonstrates the technique at full speed.

The short video program uses the ultra-realistic Guardian Safety and Survival Training Simulator®.  The presenter is Michael Wood, an Acting Lieutenant on one of the busiest companies in one of the nation’s busiest departments.

The program is free to all members of public safety and  emergency management agencies.