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New Eight Minute Extrication program

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s (FSF) newest training program is now available.  “Our Eight Minute Extrication Cutting program demonstrates an extremely efficient process and set of methods for completely and safely cutting open a modern vehicle, including the cutting of all posts, removing the roof, doors, and pushing the dash out of the way…in just eight minutes”,” says FSF President David Kenik.  The 40-minute program demonstrates all the techniques used by a two-person team, and then, with the stopwatch running, shows the real-time opening of a car from two angles simultaneously in eight minutes.


The presenter is Chris Mills, a full-time fire fighter and a trainer of extrication techniques for modern vehicles, which are much harder and more dangerous to cut than older cars.  “Chris has completely opened 2500 cars in his career, and watching him work is to see seemingly effortless efficiency in motion”, says Kenik, “Yet the techniques can be learned by any fire fighter.”