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FSF Training DVDs Distributed at EMS TODAY Conference

EMS TODAY is the major industry conference for Emergency Medical Service professionals. In association with JEMS, the leading magazine in the EMS field and the sponsor of the show, Firefighters Support Foundation distributed free DVDs to the professional attendees.

They each contained FSF's programs Self-Defense for Firefighters & EMTs, Mass Shootings: Planning and Response, and Mass Casualty Emergency Care  According to A.J. Heightman, the editor of JEMS, the DVDs "were very well received".

Pilot Seminars Generate Positive Response, Requests for More

On December 3 and 5, we held two pilot seminars, in Boxborough, MA and Raleigh, NC, on the Active Shooter Rapid Response & Treatment Model introduced in our training program of September 2013.

Public safety professionals including police, fire, EMS, and emergency management personnel charged with responding to active shooter incidents attended the presentation and interactive session with the two main developers of this leading edge approach.

Some attendee comments:

“Informative outside-the-box thinking”

“Being from Fire/EMS this is a refreshing model and badly needed…Excellent job. I admire what you are doing.”

“This is the best plan for AS (Active Shooter) casualty care that I’ve seen.”

My PD chief and I are currently working on a plan. The detail you provided will be helpful…”

“Excellent program. Basic. Simple concepts. Very workable with minimal training.”

“Great information. Nice to see training is evolving (from) pre-Columbine to now. What a difference in less than 15 years!”

“Very informative and progressive. Enjoyed training and will bring concepts back to municipality for incorporation into MCIs.

Excellent class to bring fire and police together.”

“Great class, great instructors, opens doors to better communication between agencies.”

“Great class. Very informative. Helps understand what is required from each department. Lays the groundwork for fire, EMS, and police during an active shooter incident.”

“Good program. I think you made great points bringing to light the importance of training, coordination and collaboration.”

Comments on FSF Training

"I highly recommend firefighters, law enforcement and all public safety professionals make good use of these (FSF's) materials.”

Chief (Ret) Bobby Halton

Editor, Fire Engineering

"Please notify me of any any upcoming training. Thank you for what you do for all of us”

Greg Osborne, Battalion Chief

North County Regional Fire Authority

Stanwood, Washington

On "Public Information Officer"

I found the video to be informative. Keep up the good work training PIOs.

Michael J. Perry, PIO

Colerian Volunteer Fire Company, Colerain, Ohio

FSF's Training Programs

About FSF's Training Programs

Training is consistently cited as a critical need in fire service surveys. Yet professional-level training can be hard to come by, or expensive or both.  This is why providing free training is our primary mission.

FSF's primary focus is on providing life-saving, injury-preventing, and other valuable training to firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), search and rescue personnel (S&R), and emergency management (EM) personnel. Many of our programs specifically address emerging subjects and threats about which expert training, particularly free training, is hard to come by.

We produce our own first-responder-specific training programs on critical issues and distribute them free of charge to these professions. Our programs have been used by agencies nationwide. Many of our programs address advanced topics or topics that are not often covered. Others reinforce the basics, with the particular twists that our instructors impart.

Programs are developed and taught by academy-level instructors with significant experience in their fields. Our training programs are designed to be used by both individual service members and by agency trainers.

Our training programs generally include a video and a PowerPoint presentation.  We currently offer programs in four areas: core subjects, emerging issues, advanced topics and mental wellness.

These programs provide turn-key training. Individuals can view the programs at their leisure, while agencies can use the PowerPoint slides as distributed notes, run the video presentation, and pause the video to discuss the material. In this way, the training is consistent from session to session, trainer time is greatly reduced, and the training is completely documented.

In addition to the thousands of free training programs distributed electronically every year, we also distribute thousands of DVDs with multiple training programs on them at industry conferences.

All of our training programs are available free to all members of the fire, EMS, S&R, and EM professions by download. These programs are hosted for us by, the premier fire portal for training in these fields.

FSF's Latest Training Program:
Ventilation: East Coast & West Coast; Tricks of the Trade

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s (FSF) newest training program is now available. Ventilation: East Coast & West Coast; Tricks of the Trade addresses the differences in ventilation technique between the east and west coast, and provides some "tricks of the trade" for more efficient and effective application of techniques from both coasts. The presenter is Engineer Abraham Madrigal, an professional fire fighter with the Hillsboro, OR fire department and an instructor with Unifire and several other fire fighting instruction organizations

Covered topics include: ventilation considerations, roof type and construction, differences in tools and approaches between the eats and west coast, and tactics for enhancing your ventilation technique.

  • Ventilation considerations
  • Roof type and construction
  • Differences between coasts in tools and approaches
  • Tactics for enhancing your ventilation technique

The program consists of a 20-minute video presentation, including discussion and demonstrations, and an accompanying 20-slide PowerPoint. The turn-key program is ideal for both in-service and academy instruction.

The program is free to all members of public safety and emergency management agencies. To download your free copy, simply click on one of the buttons below.

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More Comments on FSF Training

On "Fire/EMS Response to Civil Unrest"

Let me commend August Vernon, you and staff for your time, efforts and commitment to the fire service, by providing this free service.

Chief (Ret.) Ray Alfred, Washington D.C. FD

On "Chemical Suicides"

"Excellent program. Provides a great deal of excellent information regarding unfortunate incidents that I'm sure are just a matter of time away for a good many of us to experience in a response."

Captain Dave Igneczi, Hazmat Team

Lorain County Office of Emergency Management

and Homeland Security,

Elyria, Ohio

"I have just started watching your training videos and enjoy them a lot. I have been on a volunteer fire department for years, and think this is the greatest thing since the internet. Thank you for all you have done. "

Nathan White

On "Self-Defense for Firefighters and EMTs"
"Good job."

Kevin Noles, Assistant Chief

Houston County Fire Department

Warner Robbins, Georgia

"I would like to thank you for the excellent training programs you have posted..."

Ryan W. Burke, Captain

Hawthorne Volunteer Ambulance Corps,

Hawthorne, New Jersey

FSF Training in FAA Catalog

FSF’s full-length training program “Bombs/Bomb Response/Suicide Bombers” is  included in the Federal Aviation Administration’s official training catalog. The program is listed as course number FAA 71000004, titled “Responding to Bomb Threats and Bombing Incidents,” a briefing in the Security and Hazardous Material section. For more information, visit the FAA Academy Training Catalog at the Academy's online catalogue.