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Our free video training programs are hosted by our distribution partner, Fire Engineering

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About Our Training Programs

Providing quality training, free of charge, to firefighters nationwide is the primary mission of FSF.  Training is consistently cited as a critical need in fire service surveys. Yet, professional-level training can be hard to come by, or expensive, or both.  This is why providing FREE training is our primary mission.

FSF’s primary mission is to provide life-saving, injury-preventing, and other valuable training to firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), search and rescue personnel (S&R), and emergency management (EM) personnel. Many of our programs specifically address emerging subjects and threats about which expert training, particularly free training, is hard to come by.

We produce our own first-responder-specific training programs on critical issues and distribute them FREE of charge to these professions. Our programs have been used by agencies nationwide. Many of our programs address advanced topics or topics that are not often covered. Others reinforce the basics, with the particular twists that our instructors impart.

Programs are developed and taught by academy-level instructors with significant experience in their fields. Our training programs are designed to be used by both individual service members and by agency trainers.

Our training programs generally include a video and a PowerPoint presentation.  We currently offer programs in four areas: core subjects, emerging issues, advanced topics and mental wellness.

These programs provide turn-key training. Individuals can view the programs at their leisure, while agencies can use the PowerPoint slides as distributed notes, run the video presentation, and pause the video to discuss the material. In this way, the training is consistent from session to session, trainer time is greatly reduced, and the training is completely documented.

In addition to the thousands of free training programs distributed electronically every year, we have distributed thousands of DVDs with multiple training programs on them at industry conferences.

All of our training programs are available free to all members of the fire, EMS, S&R, and EM professions by download. These programs are hosted for us by, the premier fire portal for training in these fields.

Our free video training programs address the spectrum of fire service needs

Our training programs generally fall into one of four areas:

  • Core Subjects are programs on evergreen subjects that all firefighters need both initial and refreshment training on.
  • Advanced Topics are those that are newer to the fire service, or that go beyond the basics addressed in basic programs.
  • Emerging Issues consists of programs addressing non-traditional  subjects.
  • Mental Wellness programs fill a real need in the profession and are presented by recognized public safety mental health practitioners.

Click HERE to access our free training programs

Our Training Programs

•   VEIS

•   Basic Bailouts

•   Downed FF Assessment

•   Basic Vehicle Extrication

•   Basic Forcible Entry

•   Mass Violence Post-Response Ops

•   Active Shooter Operational Details

•   Neural-Based Learning

•   Structural Firefighting with Limited Staffing

•   ICS: Rightsizing for Each Event

•   Active Shooter Response

•   Hurricane Response

•   Field Interviews

•   Mass Casualty EMS Care

•   Emergency Management for the Fire Service

•   The Fire Safety Officer: Roles and Responsibilities

•   Fire Scene Communications

•   Hazards of Marijuana Grow Operations

•   Chemical Suicides

•   Emergency Incident Rehabilitation

•   Meth Labs Response

•   Self Defense for EMTs and Firefighters

•   Preparation for and Response to Mass-Shooting Events

•   Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) Overview

•  Motor Learning and Performance

•   Situational Awareness

•   Confined Space Rescue

•   Post-Blast Response

•   Critical Incident Stress Management/Debriefing

•   Wildland-Urban Interface

•   Ventilation: East Coast vs. West Coast

•   Rapid Treatment Model FAQ

•   Response to Gunfire

•   Dealing with the Mentally Ill

•   Leadership Principles

•   Management Principles

•   Terrorism Planning and Response

•   Mayday: Basic Concepts

•   Initial Scene Size-Up

•   Vehicle Fires: Assessment and Response

•   Role of the Public Information Officer (PIO)

•   Fire/EMS Response to Civil Unrest

•   A New Way to Lift

•   When a Child Dies on a Call

•   When to Seek Therapy

•   Evidence Preservation

•   Bombs, Bomb Response, and Suicide Bombers

•   After Action Self-Evaluations

•   Dealing with a Line-of-Duty Death (LODD)