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About Us

Corporate Status, Geographic Scope and Service Areas

The Firefighters Support Foundation, Inc. (FSF) is a nonprofit corporation recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Our EIN is 26-1903852.

We are a nationwide organization. All of our programs are available free of charge to every public safety professional and agency in the United States.

Funding and Fundraising

The Firefighters Support Foundation receives no government assistance. Funding is accomplished by private donations from concerned citizens and businesses. Solicitations are accomplished with the aid of registered, professional organizations with considerable experience in ethical funds solicitation. FSF solicits funds in our name only and does not refer to any specific department as the recipient or benefactor in any solicitation.

If you would like to send an unsolicited contribution, please mail it to our corporate office. Thank you!

To Be Taken Off Our Fundraising List

We are dependent on the generosity of our donors and deeply appreciate each and every donation. We realize, however, that some people may not wish to be contacted. If you want to be taken off our fundraising list, please send us an email to fundraising (“at” sign) ffsupport (dot) org with all of the information listed below and we’ll take care of it. We need all of this information to effectively address your request.

(1) Your name, (2) your address, (3) your phone number, and (4) your sponsor number if applicable. We particularly need your phone number in order to remove it from our database.

If you wish, you can make a PDF file of any correspondence you have from us and attach it to the email. This is very helpful to us in answering your request.

Questions About Programs

For questions about our training or grant programs, send an email to programs (“at” sign) ffsupport (dot) org

General Questions and Obtaining Our Financial and Other Corporate Documents

For general or administrative questions, or to obtain copies of FSF’s Form 990, as well as our independently audited financial statement, 501(c) tax-exempt status application and IRS determination letter, please email the request to administration (“at” sign) ffsupport (dot) org along with: your name, your mailing address, and your email address.