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First on the scene saving lives. But how safe are they?

Every year, U.S. firefighters sustain an average of nearly 90 line-of-duty deaths, over 1,000 serious or life-threatening injuries, and 19,000 exposures to hazardous substances. Much of our free training is focused on reducing these risks.

Welcome to the Firefighters Support Foundation (FSF)

FSF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization.  We are dedicated to assisting firefighting, rescue and EMS personnel perform their jobs effectively and safely by producing our own advanced training programs and distributing them for FREE, nationwide.  Additionally, we help mitigate life-threatening, fire-scene dangers by offering equipment grants to under-funded departments and we provide assistance to families with children of fallen firefighters.


Training Programs

The primary mission of The Firefighters Support Foundation is to produce and distribute advanced, life-saving training programs, FREE of charge, to firefighting, rescue, and EMS personnel across the county, THROUGHOUT EVERY YEAR.

With your help, we continually bring the experience, knowledge and guidance of leading-edge instructors and thinkers in the field to public safety professionals across the county, FREE of charge, in a vital effort to help save lives and reduce line-of-duty injuries and deaths.

Our training programs are designed to enhance safety and performance by presenting new subjects, modern approaches and leading edge techniques. Firefighters Support Foundation is proud to be one of the most recognized and respected firefighting training organizations in the country.

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Equipment Grants

Ever-shrinking budgets make it difficult for fire departments to purchase critical safety items.  In an effort to reduce line-of-duty injuries and deaths, with your help, FSF offers grants to purchase much-needed tools, safety gear and rescue equipment to underfunded agencies.

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Family Assistance

A portion of our donations provide financial assistance to the surviving families of firefighters, paramedics and rescue personnel killed on-scene, in the line of duty. These donations offer a heartfelt gift of thanks for their sacrifices.

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Why Training Is Our Priority

Experts agree: Training is critical for firefighters and other first responders to stay safe, prepared, and effective. Yet in these challenging times, many firefighters, especially volunteers, often don’t have the training they need to stay both safe and be effective.

There has been considerable progress, but the remaining need for (firefighter) training is still extensive.

Third Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service, 2011